Pure Beauty




February 9, 2018


Art: John Baldessari

SHIRT, a Queens, New York based visual artist, designer and rapper, releases his Third Man Records debut “Pure Beauty”. The artwork seen in this piece is the alternative record artwork inspired and provided by American conceptual artist John Baldessari. The original digital artwork can be found further down.

“Pure Beauty is an ode to the work of artist John Baldessari and features his 1968 conceptual art piece of the same name as the album artwork, courtesy of Baldessari and his team. The album’s central theme focuses on beauty in its simplest and rawest form—selected beats are recorded and re-recorded, stripped down and left blaring. Verses exist as rst and only takes. iPhone voice memos are dispersed throughout studio recordings; live conversations left unedited.” - Third Man Records

The Physical Artwork

“In an effort to share ‘information and love’ as directly as possible, Shirt gives you access to 1,000 private digital images from his iPhone camera, taken between September 2015 and October 2017, when he moved to Europe and began writing & recording the album Pure Beauty. The images, edited from a library of over 30,000 photos, were shot in 8 countries and 15 cities worldwide. They depict artworks, pages of books, spaces, friends, and other small details. Many of the photos were taken illicitly and against the wishes of gallery directors, exhibition holders and museums. In releasing them Shirt wants you to know that he vehemently rejects the restriction of information by any means. You are free to use any of the images as your own, in whatever form you like—no credit to Shirt is needed.”  - Third Man Records

The Digital Artwork

The Music


Flight Home by Shirt

Shooting: Dave Svedosh

Production: John Suarez

The Artist


Recent Artwork from Shirt


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