Rock Island




February 9, 2018


Art: Greg Burak

Design & Layout: Aaron Lowell Denton

The Music


DV Camera/Edit - Richard Phillip Smith 

HD Camera - Daniel Patrick Brennan 

Assistant Camera - Darby Irrgang

The Artist

“New York-based artist Greg Burak’s interest in art was first sparked by book covers, album art and movies and television growing up, but it wasn’t until college that he started to look deeper into art history. The artist’s work is based heavily in narrative using shapes, colour and figures to tell his stories. “  - It’s Nice That

The Designer

“By focusing primarily on poster designs and album artwork for bands, Aaron Denton has made a creative dent in the music scene and isn’t going anywhere soon. From monthly calendars for the residency Call & Response in Bloomington, to designing T-shirts, merchandise and various retro-infused flyers, Aaron has been intertwining his infatuation with music to create powerful and perspective-changing identities.” - It’s Nice That


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