Stop Lying


Raf Rundell


March 2, 2018


Painting: Ben Edge

"I was commissioned to make this painting by Raf Rundell who is a singer/songwriter and DJ. He lives on the Dawson's Heights housing estate in south London depicted within this painting. The idea of the commission was to capture the current time in Raf's life where he is balancing fatherhood whilst working as a songwriter and DJ." —

"Every Morning" - Raf Rundell


Ben Edge

"Edge is predominately a figurative painter interested in portraiture, folklore and story telling whose paintings depict the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. He believes his interests originate from his childhood. Edge is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. His perfectionism is mirrored in his work through his clean and precise style of painting. Edge is fascinated by the attention to detail and craft that is often found in Folk and Naive Art as well as the traditions of religious and northern Renaissance painting. These combined influences inspired the title of his debut solo show ‘Folk Renaissance’ that took place at the HIX Art gallery, London, in March 2017." —

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