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Ashtar Lavanda


February 9, 2018


Art Direction & Design: Pilar Zeta


“In 2014, Edgar took possession of an East Detroit storage unit that contained over 1,000 vinyl records, some rare, broken recording equipment, and boxes of over 100 DAT and reel-to-reel tapes, one dusty box of which contained tapes from 1995 to 1998 inscribed in black Sharpie with the name “ASHTAR LAVANDA.”

Edgar at first assumed that it was a pseudonym of an already prominent Detroit recording artist, but after two full years of searching—Google came up with no results—he tracked down the real Ashtar Lavanda, a previously unknown producer who hadn’t released any music (in a recent interview, he said that he assumed that the tapes that gave rise to Unsolved Mysteries had been tossed in the garbage long ago). Lavanda still resides in the Motor City to this day, where he apparently works in the medical industry.” – Pitchfork

Pilar Zeta

"The life and work of self-taught Argentine artist Pilar Zeta embody a cosmological vision. “My mom is a strong believer that ‘the truth is out there,’” she boasts. Like many Indigo Children, Pilar’s search for truth has fueled a transformative journey, first into herself at age 16 through mediation, then into the world at age 19 through art. Zeta’s love of metaphysics and beauty found a kindred spirit in artist Jimmy Edgar, whom she met in Berlin in 2011. Inspired by a trip to Machu Pichu, they launched Ultramajic, a record label and art collective with an experiential angle." –

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